Governmental Information Processing Association of Wisconsin

2019 GIPAW Spring Conference & Vendor Show

Grand Geneva Resort, Lake Geneva WI

May 15, 2019

Our 2019 Spring Conference & Vendor Show is set to take place in Lake Geneva WI at the Grand Geneva Resort.  This promises to be another great event and an opportunity to network with customers--both current and new!  The response from both vendors and attendees to the one-day format remains overwelmingly positive and will be repeated again for 2019. 

May 15th will be the day we dedicate to our awesome vendors!  For more conference and vendor show information, click here.

Levels and availability are outlined below.  Details are provided here.

LevelCost  #  Available#  Remaining
$5000 10

$2500 21

$1500 41

$1000 84

GIPAW would like to thank you for your continued support of our great organization!!


FYI: The name/address fields directly below are for the billing information associated with the credit card you will be using at the bottom of the form. Thank you!

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